Thursday, October 29, 2015

Yet, Another Shopping Spree...

I've been infected with the marketplace virus again... but this time it's clothes and accessories for my dolls. I should start blocking those email newsletters for a while till I get Lucien his body!

Anyway, Doll Clans came out with new items that I couldn't  resist. I've always wanted a succubus/incubus horns for Scarlet, but I couldn't justify paying $60-$80 for Soom horns in DoA marketplace that I wanted since the original price were around only $30. And I've been wanting a BJD headphones for a while now... So why not kill two birds with one stone~ (´ε` )♡

Doll Clans also have a little Halloween event where if you buy more than $20 (not including shipping) you'll receive a little sticker set of Vezeto. I hope I get Kien as the special character for my sticker set... I blame Doll Clans for making me ship them together. ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ ) And you should definitely check out their "The Clans" tab if you haven't yet! They uploaded some cool photo stories/ comics about their dolls!

This is what I bought from Doll Clan, a pair of dark grey demon horns and the Passion in Devil headphone. One of the things I love about Doll Clans is that they offer Airmail as a shipping option! So I didn't have spend a ridiculous amount on shipping fee... Otherwise, I would have to pay $30 just for shipping from Thailand to the U.S. Doll Clans also estimated that the preorder items should arrive in December, but I'm keeping my finger crossed in hopes the items get here earlier!

Moving on, I ordered from rRabit again... They just had to release that cute Halloween outfit (Seven Deadly Sins ~ Lust ~) I had to get for Scarlet! I only bought the shorts since I like it the best due to the fact that it has a little demon tail~ I'm going match that short with the corset from SDF Dark Cat set and the Passion in Devil headphone I ordered from Doll Clans... I think it would go really well together~ Plus, I picked up another casual outfit for Scarlet. And Shiki demands to get a little something for Tetsuya, since his birthday is on November 29th (not going to show the picture since it will be a surprise for Tetsuya and my friend)~ ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

This is the Lotus Short Sleeves shirt in cream color I got for Scarlet. 

And this is the skirt to match the shirt, a High-Waist Pleated skirt in a burgundy color.

On another note, my Soom Cheshire Jr., arrived on October 27th! Raine the eldest of the mischievous trio is finally home~ I won't be able to do a proper box opening/ photo story till in the middle of November because I have studies to catch up (but I'll still be able write short posts like these). Also, I forgot to mention that I pre-ordered Koujaku nendoroid weeks ago!

Thanks for dropping by, see you next time~


  1. The marketplace bug leeches onto everyone (ΟΔΟ;;)But in all honesty, I love the clothing you picked, especially the top for Scarlet! I'm a huge sucker for Otome Kei-esque fashion T__T. Those headphones look really awesome! I wish I could get a pair, but I promised no more dolly purchases until I get Cel's body orz (not to mention I just bought two sets of clothes recently...). rRabit has a really nice selection of clothes, and they're affordable! I wonder why i haven't shopped from them o__o;

    1. I've been getting infected with the MP virus as of lately... I blame it on my Christmas shopping spirit acting out. If you missed out on this Doll Clans pre-orders, Doll Marche also take pre-orders for headphones from every 1st~10th of each month. They also carry some of the same headphone Doll Clans carries. And you should check out rRabit, some of my favorite outfits were purchased from them. ;3

  2. I thought about Scarlet when I saw trhe rrabit news in Doa hahaha!!!

    Lovely purchases, hope you get them soon!! I love Doll Clans, and I had no idea the sold those headphones D:!!! never seen them before, so nice!

    1. Scarlet is flattered to hear you thought about them when you saw that outfit! Hehe, that's why I had to get the shorts, when I saw it I knew Scarlet has to have it!

      Doll Clans takes pre-orders for headphone... In additional to Doll Clans, Doll Marche also take pre-orders for them from every 1st~10th of each month and they have a lot of varieties to choose from.

  3. Congrats on all your nice purchases, those horns are really cool @o@ and so affordable!

    Hope you share some more photos soon!

  4. Wow what awesome buys! I was tempted to get those dog/werewolf ears from DollClans but decided I should be more creative and sculpt my own... I love dolly headphones and those DC ones are definetely the coolest I've seen so far! I think the outfit you are planning will look absolutely perfect~

    Yaaaay! Can't wait for pics of little Raine! ^3^ <3 I saw a pic of a purple Cheshire Teenie in DoA and wow nowI'm regretting I didn't get one. The purple in this release looks really intense, not like the pale purple on the Silky/Yarn-Teenies... well, maybe I'll get a vibrant purple Teenie some day if it's meant to be. I'd love to have one with hooves~

    And I can't wait for Nendoroid Koujaku to be released! <3 <3 <3 I preordered him immediately when it was possible. I saw the colored prototype of him at WonFes last summer and It_was_amazing!!! <3 I can't wait to display him holding hands with Nendoroid Aoba.... <3 Oh, I just Love KouAo so much~~~*fangirling*

    1. Funny thing, when I saw those wolf ears I actually thought of you! Hehe, I couldn't resist the headphones, they're perfect for Mitsuki and Scarlet.

      The purple Cheshire was super cute, I really like their purple skin. One day, I have fantasy versions of TG... My favorite is Soom's grey skin.

      I'm excited for Koujaku too. His outfit looks very detailed~ <3

    2. Hahaha, oh my! :'D That's cool, I've heard that people have thought of me whenever they see Koujaku somewhere! Now there's new thing that people associate me with. <3 I probably confess my love for dog/wolf ears very openly so maybe that's why... :D

      Oh and, yes, Koujaku Nendoroid looks awesomely detailed! So excited for him! :)