Friday, October 2, 2015

It's Soom's fault...ಥ⌣ಥ

Back in July, Soom came out with these little kittens that I had to have. I tried resisting for a while, but I lost to those cute mischievous smiles. Those little fangs are the death of my wallet (๑′̥̥̥▵‵̥̥̥ ૂ๑). I put them on layaway and I was on an instant ramen noodle diet for two months. But on September 17th, I finally paid them off~ I blame Spica on recruiting me into a Teenie Gem lovers... but all her Teenie Gems are so cute!

All of these pictures belong to Soom Doll, they are NOT mine!!!

It was a hard choice to make, I really like them in both colors.... Just look at how adorable they are!! This will be my first YOSD, I'm very excited.

 In the end, I went with cream white, since it will be easier to find a human body for them. I couldn't purchase the human body with this little thing because I was on a tight budget... Does any know if they also come with their human leg parts? I know they come with both a human head and a surprise head, so it's like getting two dolls in one. This picture is of the human head.

Here is the surprise head. This is the infamous mischievous smile that killed my wallet, and put me on a instant ramen diet. They will come in blank, I plan to send them off to get commission from Darjeeling Aesthetics with Vincent and possibly Lucien.

This is the wig I purchased with my kitty. I still need to look for their clothes and eyes.

I want to name the fantasy head, Raine (I have plans for this character), and still haven't decide on the human head's name yet. I can't wait till they come home (maybe around November I'm guessing), see you next time~


  1. Ah, my friends always doom me into buying dollies too >=/ it's so great!

    Can't wait to see these cuties - they're really adorably sculpted D:

    1. I can't wait for them to be home either! ;D I just love those fangs!

  2. AHAHAHAHA! Yet another one falls victim to my Teenie Gem hoarding power! >:''DDD My evil plan to turn everyone into Teenie maniac is workiinnnngggg! x33

    Joking aside, I'm very happy that my Teenie crew has inspired you so much so as to get yourself a few of these little cuties! <3

    I really really love these little kittens and I'm happy you're going to have one! ^3^ I'm more into canines, but I do love kitties too and I want a little catboy-or a -girl Teenie someday for myself as well!

    1. Indeed your plans are working! I'm making my friend tempted to buy Teenies as well~ ;D

      I like any sculpts with cute opened mouth or fangs! Would love to see your cute little kitty boy/girl one day! Btw I saw your teenie Ren on your Instagram, and he looks amazing! I can't wait to see him home with you! (●´∀`●)