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°˖♡ Love Sick ♡˖°

°˖♡ Love Sick ♡˖° is a collections of photo stories collaboration between my friend and I. Since we live in different states, our boys have long-distance relationship with each other. Shiki lives with me, while Tetsuya (Shiki's lover) lives with my friend.

✧ Tetsuya: NS R-line, Crobidoll Yeon-Ho with default face-up B from Crobidoll.

✧ Shiki: NS R-line, Crobidoll Lance with custom face-up from Crobidoll.

✧ More information about Tetsuya & Shiki: HERE and HERE.

Some of these pictures belong to my friend, she gave me permission use them on my blog.

❤ Part 1

 Part 2

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Christmas 2013

I celebrated Christmas with my first ball-jointed-doll, Mitsuki.

✧ Mitsuki: WS Harmony-line, Little Monica Kliff with default face-up/ slight changes from Little Monica.

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