Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Nitro+Chiral Goodies~

I got addicted to collecting these cute little one coin figures by Kotobukiya when I went to my first convention years ago. These little swirly-eyed cuties are based on illustrations from Yuupon, featuring characters from Nitro+ Chiral games (Togainu no Chi, Lamento: Beyond the Void, and Sweet Pool).

These are my old collection of one coin figures.

While surfing in Tumblr a year ago, I came across a girl selling her Nitro+Chiral no Mori figure. I contacted her immediately and purchased Akira and Shui.

Boyfriend Shirt Akira is definitely my favorite one-coin figure! Look at his cute little booty and this version has his little naughty parts in the front too. The original owner lost his extra arms, but I'll try to make them with polymer clay or something.

Two weeks after I bought Akira and Shui, I found Shiki Chiral no Mori version on eBay. I won him on a bid for very cheap, although he doesn't come with his character card. I also have Nano Gakuen version, but I can't find where I saved his picture.

And my new additions that I recently bought from eBay.

My next targets are Shironuma Tetsuo (Sweet Pool) and Yukihito (Togainu no Chi)  from Chiral no Mori version. 

Monday, June 1, 2015

Welcome home, Vincent!

I've been quite busy these past months, but I'll try to be more active. Anyway, my Soom male Dia X-Mas Kit arrived on April 27th, 2015. I put him on layaway back in late December and PIF on March 16th. He was kind of an impulse buy in my opinion. Usually, I take months to convince myself to purchase a doll. However, I have a weak spot for Dia sculpts... those lips are just too tempting. Plus, my Doll Clans Kien floating head, Lucien, needed a body and I thought that once Vincent (still unsure if I will stick with this name) gets here he could share his body with Lucien (in my story they're cousins after all). Moving on, here is the box opening!

Looks a bit beat up, but thankfully everything was in perfect condition.

The X-Mas Kit comes unstrung. Soom did a good  job bubble wrapping each pieces securely. I also ordered a wig (Soom's idw1113) with him.

Woah, even in blank he looks drop dead gorgeous. <3

He came with Soom's silicone eyes, Soft Magenta-D08, elastic string, 1 big S hook for the head, and 2 small S hooks for wrists/ feet. I will need to buy a pair of small S hooks for him when I string him.

He came with Soom's old Super Gem body (3-Divisions Torso), which I don't mind at all. Less muscular than their new body, but still very nice. His resin was very smooth, no noticeable seam lines as far as I can tell.

These are the inside shots of his head. More rough than what I expected, all my other doll heads are very smooth and nice on the inside. I'm not sure if this is typical of Soom dolls since I have nothing to compare with. Luckily, I don't mind it too much.

Vincent looks sophisticated with his wig. I like the honey brown color, and plus points for softness.


This is a comparison between my Doll Clans Kien head (made in 2013) and Soom Dia (made in 2015) These photos are unedited and taken indoors. Kien is on the left and Dia is on the right. First off, Doll Clans has more of the yellow undertone to their NS, while Soom has pinker undertone to theirs. Not 100% match, but fairly close. Dia head is also larger than Kien, but their neck size are the same.

It's not very noticeable here. Also, I'm unsure how much my Kien has yellowed since 2013, but he was kept in his box, bubble wrapped as if he was new since I bought him.

This picture is more noticeable when put them next to each other.

The neck and the head fits very well. And proportion wise, he looks great. With face-up and wig, the color differences shouldn't be noticeable.

Lucien stealing his cousin's wig.

Till next time~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ