Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Mischievous Trios is Complete! (PW the Missing Pilot Box Opening)

My Peak's Woods box has finally arrived and I'm very excited since this will be my first tanned doll. Back when PW came out with the Star Prince FoFs I knew that I had to have the Missing Pilot especially when they offered the tan skin option. I put him on layaway and I asked PW to painted his face up like the Star Prince even though I thought that they wouldn't be able to. But to my surprise they agreed and they didn't charge me anything extra for the face up change.

Raine and Anri are my little helpers!

A very pretty blue box!

CoA, pretty postcards, Oscar eyes, FOC Lolita Special nails hands for Scarlett. And I forgot that I ordered the brown boots too.

Here he is!!! As for his name, I still haven't decided it yet so if you can think of any name that goes with Raine and Anri please comment below. ^-^

I love this face up so much!

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