Saturday, August 29, 2015

BJD Accessories Haul..。o○☆*゚

While I was waiting for Scarlet to arrive home, I participated in multiple GOs in DoA/ browsed through marketplace and bought bunch of clothes and wigs... All of the items seem to be arriving this week, and that's when I realized I bought quite a lot. DoA marketplace is a dangerous place, I need to avoid going in there for a long while.

I got my little helper— Mr. Alpaca with me today~ Also, there were two more packages that I didn't put in this photo.

First is my items from Iplehouse GO. I bought a black Y.I.D suspender for my boys to share. S-hooks for wrists/feet so I can finally put Vincent together... But I won't be able to do that until at least October since I'm in the process of moving. Next, is 8-9in black wig (IHW_M032) for Shiki, unfortunately, it's too small for him. And lastly, an E.I.D backless knit dress for Scarlet.    

The back of this sweater is just too cute, I can't  resist cozy-looking outfits. 
ε=(。♡ˇд ˇ♡。)

Mr. Alpaca seem to have taken a liking to the wig.

Now—Princess Doll GO! They sell beautiful and good quality clothes! I bought the "Black Pop Set" with the necktie for Scarlet. I love the blouse and the little corset. ( •̀ω•́ )

Here is the Princess Doll promotional picture (I do NOT own the picture below).

These shoes are not from GO, but I bought them second-hand from DoA for an awesome price.

This brown knee-length boots are from C.L.S., a Taobao shop I believe.  

This one is my favorite, a black bootee boots from Nine9Style. ♡(˃͈ દ ˂͈ ༶ )

This is kind of an impulse buy, a Dollmore GO. A chopstick hair accessory and 8-9in blonde wig (Ample Cut).

I love the dangling chains.

I bought this wig because it looks interesting. I don't see many wigs of this style. Doesn't Mr. Alpaca look handsome in this? It kinda reminds me of Erwin Smith's hair from SnK.

Last, but not least—Crobi Doll GO! When I joined the GO, the GO host happens to be selling a cute brown batwing sweater that I just had to have. As for the wigs...Normally, I like natural colors for my dolls, but pink and blue wigs seem to be my exceptions. I also got some pearl-powders that was previously sold-out when I bought Shiki.

Cozy sweaters are my weak spot.

This pink wig is Crobi's limited color called "Cherry Blossom". I got the wig in CRWL-117.

Of all the wig brands I've purchased, Crobi Doll is hands down my top favorites. It's going to be fun photographing Scarlet with this wig, I just love the pastel pink color. ヾ(*ゝω・*)ノ

This blue wig is Crobi's limited color called "Forget-Me-Not". I got the wig in CRWL-36.

This wig is just simply beautiful. Scarlet's face-up really stands out with this wig. My plan for Scarlet's design was to make her/him have black hair (Crobi's CRWL-83; which is now discontinued, but lucky for me I bought it when I ordered Shiki). But I can also see Scarlet wearing this wig a lot in the future. 

It's definitely my favorite out of the two. It really compliments Scarlet's face-up. 
( ˘͈ ᵕ ˘͈♡)˚๐*˟ ♡

Last spam picture, I swear!

I'm still waiting on GO items from Mako Eyes, it should be arriving this coming week. As always, thank for reading~☆ 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Welcome home, Scarlet!

This is a very late post about Scarlet. Like I said on my last post here, Scarlet doesn't have specific gender so I'll refer to Scarlet using both male and female pronounces (Sorry if it's a little confusing). Now, Scarlet actually arrived home on July 8th, 2015. He is my first second-hand doll (or in this case just doll head), with face-up and fangs mod from Angel Toast Aesthetics... I seriously can't stop staring at him. Everything about Scarlet is beautiful, she is just too gorgeous. Like I've mentioned before, Scarlet is a limited Crobidoll Day Dream Lance ver.2 that was released in 2011.

Without further ado, here is my lovely succubus demon— Scarlet~ These pictures are taken outside with no editing.

I requested Angel Toast to double stack his eyelashes, white lashes and black lashes.

I love her eye-crease lines, with that smokey brown-red tones shadow, and the subtle blush on her cheeks. (´ ▽`).。o♡

He also came with blue glass eyes. I'm not sure where is it from...but I think it's 18mm (I actually prefer smaller eyes, so I'll get him some 16mm or 14mm).  Wow, look at that beautiful gentle smile and those lips. 

Alrighty, next is her female body which arrived on August 10th, 2015. I ordered the body in a Luts GO on DoA. It's a SDF Type 3 body. I know the head is too big for the body so I bought a neck pieces for him and a pair of high heel feet. My only worry was the resin match, since the head is from 2011 and the body is brand new from 2015.

Here is the moment of truth~ Wow, not a bad match at all!! And the body looks very good, it fits Scarlet very well. I forgot to put the little neck piece in the picture, but I have it. (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

I ordered a high heel feet, but the Luts gave me the wrong one. This is the flip-flop feet if I'm not mistaken. I contacted the GO leader and she said Luts will send out the correct one for free. 

I can't tell the resin differences at all in this picture. I really like the way Luts sculpt this body, what a pretty shapely bust. (●´∀`●) I swap out the glass eyes out for the 14mm Soom's silicone eyes I got from Vincent.... Don't know how I feel about 14mm.

Here is the neck gap I anticipated, but no worry I bought Luts neck piece that will take that gap away completely. 

A better picture of the resin color differences. It looks noticeable in here, but I can't really tell in real life. 

The resin differences is barely noticeable here. Also, head magnet came off while I was taking pictures.... I'll fix it later.

I was curious how well the neck piece will fit so I partially strung her. It fits perfectly, you can kinda see the neck piece from the back but Scarlet will have wigs to cover it.

I'm glad everything worked out in the end. And I will be moving apartment soon, so I won't be able to string her until I settle down my new place in October. As always, thanks for reading. Till next time~ ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ


This is my mock face-up drawing of Scarlet that I sent to Angel Toast as a reference for the commission. What do you think, isn't similar to Scarlet's face-up? Personally, think Angel Toast did a wonderful job at it.  

My drawing~

Face-up by Angel Toast~