Thursday, January 5, 2017

2017 New Year Resolutions!

Happy New Year to everyone! These days I feel like time flies so fast... I feel like it was just last week I wrote my 2016 New Year Resolutions. Within 2016, I had major changes about my BJD family and I acquired many rare BJD outfits I thought was impossible to get my hands on (yes, the Fairyland Chole Moon Light was my ultimate grail outfit). Now I'm going to take a look at what I had wrote for my 2016 New Year Resolutions and go over it

This picture of Valentine was my submission for the Freedom Teller's Hash Tag Event.

2016 New Year Resolutions

- Buy Lucien his body
       Completed, I got him a Spirit Doll 70cm Proud body ver.2.

- Buy Oscar Eyes for my YOSDs.
       Completed, I got many pairs of eyes for my YOSDs and SDs. 

- Send my dolls out for face up commissions.
       Completed, I sent Raine, Anri, and new Scarlett to a face up artists.

Raine and Anri!

New Scarlett, isn't she beautiful.

- String Vincent (Soom Dia)
       Completed, I string him up and gave him a face up. I also changed his name from "Vincent" to "Valentine".

- Sell my Soom Lilid TG mountain lion body.

- Buy air brush and compressor for face up.
       Completed! Though, I'm still trying to get a hang of it.

- Get more SD girls in my crew (maybe Little Monica Sophia or Sarubia).
       Slight changes. I want a brown Little Monica Sophia but LM did not re-release tan/brown option. And I bought new Scarlett. 

- Get Little Monica Elena.
       I changed my mind and want to put LM Elena on hold.

- Start saving up for Iplehouse Arvid (I would like to save at least up to 75% of his price).
       Failed. I didn't save up for Scarlett's husband at all. Also I decided to change the sculpt for him. I will be settling with Soom Hyperon in tawny with scar face instead.     

- Buy more accessories for my crew (especially shoes).
       Completed. Ordered many pairs from DollHeart and rRabit.

- Get better zoom lens for my DSLR.

- Paint more face up.
       Completed. I painted my Soom Dia (Valentine), new Scarlett, and my friend's Fairyland Feeple65 Roke.

Here is my friend's Roke's face up, she requested that his face up looks natural and minimal with nice thick eyebrows. I mainly used the air brush for him.

I also gave my friend's Roke a partial upper body blush (she requested that I don't blush the elbows and the wrist-ball joints).

- Try not to buy anymore unplanned dolls.
       Succeed, I did not buy any unplanned doll.

9/13 = Completed
2/13 = Failed
2/13 = Changed 

Also here are some goals I achieved along the way that was unexpected.

- Bought the third and the last of the Mischievous Trios (FoF Peak's Woods- Missing Pilot in suntan).
       Completed. I originally had my eyes on Soom Bygg in tan with the romantic head and with no horn but it was unlikely that Soom will release him. Then PW released the Missing Pilot and I knew this sculpt would work very well for the character.

- Bought IOS doll 60cm male body.
       Completed. This body will be used for my character, Skyler.

- Managed to find and purchased the second hand Feeple65 Chole Moon Light outfit. 
       Completed. It's so beautiful, this dress is definitely worth it.

- Purchased some of my favorites Soom outfits in second hand market.
       Completed. I found many unique Soom dresses this year: SFC1309, SFC1111, and SFC1110.

- Bought a Feeple65 female body on layaway 3/4 payments completed. This will be Scarlett's new body.
       Completed. Scarlett's character is supposed to have a very feminine curvy body and Feeple65 fits the bill. Scarlett's Soom body will go to another girl. 

Overall I think I did great, I completed more goals than I did last year. And here are my new resolutions for this year:

2017 New Year Resolutions

- Buy Fairyland Lucywen (She'll be my first MSD) 

- Finish paying for my Feeple65 female body.

- Buy Angora wig for Lucien.

- Buy more clothes for FL Lucywen.

- Buy brown Harmony Sophia if LM offers tan/brown skin again. 

- Buy Cannon EF 100mm Macro zoom len.

- Save up for Soom Hyperon with scar face in tawny (at least 50%).

- Look for Switch Soseo head. He's going to be my OC, Skyler.

- Look for an Iplehouse Pamela head. Or look for a split partner.

- Keep looking for more unique outfits.

- Work on my BJD stories. 

- Keep practicing on my face up skill.

- Maybe commission an outfit.

13 goals again, I hope I will be able to complete most of the goal by the end of the year! And thank you everyone for visiting my blog! I really appreciates when you guys take time and comment, I love talking to each and everyone of you. <3