Wednesday, July 12, 2017

BJD Clothes Haul!

If no one noticed already, I'm addicted to buying clothes for my dolls. ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ )

Anyway, I received outfits from many shops ( Lete ClothesCherryDollsBoutiqueGelatoBabyHandmade, and GYHM) these past weeks/months, but haven't had the energy to write it on my blog.

From Lete Clothes, I ordered two outfits. One for SD and other for MSD.

Here is the SD outfit called Classmate (Girl ver.). I'm very amazed at the quality of the clothes! I will definitely buy from them again. 

Also, I've finally found a new name for this lovely lady. I will be calling her Stella. Her signature look will be that pink wig. She is going to be a siren character (kinda like a mermaid).

The next outfit is called Au Jardin (Peach). It fits a little bit loose on Lily... but I think it's because she's on the slimmer side of MSD. However, I still love it! It's such a pretty color.

Here is Stella and Lily together! o(〃^▽^〃)o

From CherryDollsBoutique, I commissioned Nicole some bunny outfits in black and white. And in a separate order, I also commissioned her a strapless dress and purchased a little skirt and vest. As usual, it turned out amazing.

This is the black bunny outfit, of course Liliy is modeling it since she's my only MSD at the moment. Look how fluffy the tail is! <333

Here is the white bunny outfit. The bow belongs to a different set but it looks so good with this outfit.

She also include some freebies for me: the little bunny galaxy plush and the bunny key chain. And a cute hand written note! 

Next is the vest and skirt. I seriously love this pastel mermaid print! The vest and the skirt makes a very cute outfit together.

However, it can also be worn alone and still look cute. Here is the skirt alone without the vest.

This is the sleeveless dress I asked her to make. It very well made and I very happy with it.

Nicole also included these little bows for free! She also wrote me a sweet note as usual but I've forgotten to put it in the photo. 

From GelatoBabyHandmade I bought a lucky grab bag for slim MSD. This is my first grab bag experience, so I was very excited for it! 

It came with so many clothes and freebies! I love the flower crown and the little dress, it's perfect for summer. ^^

I forgot to add the bracelet into the picture too so here it is.

Last but not least, from GYHM I ordered a dress, a black crop top, and a high-waist skirt. The dress is very pretty I can't wait to try it on. I absolutely love the dusty pink color.

Thanks for reading. Till next time~ (´・ω・)ノ

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Daria'sTHD dresses (The Haunted Dollhouse/ FoxesLikeTea)~ .。*゚+.*.。★

If anyone follows me on Instagram then you've probably seen this. I've acquired two of Daria's THD dresses. It's a click war whenever she put her dresses on sale... Some gets sold out within a minute! I was very lucky to won these two dresses for myself. The dresses came with a slight perfume fragrance on them, it's a pleasant surprise.   

I'm in love with the pastel yellow color of this dress. It's a simple but yet so cute. Daria's craftsmanship is phenomenal!  

Here is Lily in the dress. She looks adorable!

Here is the other one. This came with two pieces, the dress itself and the underskirt. I absolutely love the little star sequins! She put so much details into this little dress, I'm hooked on it.

Lily modeling the dress again! Doesn't she look lovely? <333

Two days ago, Daria had more dresses for sale and of course I had to try to get my hands on more of her dresses. I entered the click war and got these two dresses. They were sold out within in few minutes as usual. I'm so excited for them to come in within a few weeks.  

On another note, did anyone pre-ordered Mink (DMMd)? Honestly, I got him because of the Aoba's face plate. I pre-ordered him through AmiAmi, and they shipped him out so he should be here in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon~ (*^▽^)/

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Succubus Queen is back!

I don't think I've ever mentioned it here, but I sent Scarlett to get a new face up. It was a hard decision, even though Scarlett had gotten a face up not too long ago, however, Kai (Studio Darjeeling)  has always been my grail face up artist and she opened up slots for her commission. I took my chances and entered for her face up commission and I was very lucky to get a slot from her.

*This photo does NOT belong to me*

I sent Kai some reference photos of the face up I wanted for Scarlett. It was hard to decid but eventually I went with this purple to brown/reddish tone since I thought that it would make her look more seductive. In addition, I wanted a gold liners with small lace design on top of black liners and pearl powder on the purple eye shadow and lips. I've also asked Kai to paint Scarlett lower lashes very wispy and full and reddish gradient lips. Plus, I had a very specific instruction for her crease lines.

Kai was very responsive to my questions and concerns. She followed my every detailed instructions perfectly and sent me pictures the crucial steps of my commission so I could give her inputs. I have no regret commission her at all and I highly recommend her, she's super sweet.

Here is the box opening of Scarlett's head. Everything was packaged nicely and safely.

She sent me a postcard of Yagi (She is my favorite girl from Kai), candies, and a cute letter!

Here is Scarlett! I could not be happier!!!! She is so gorgeous!  

There is a little gold lace designs on her liners, just like what I wanted. <333  

Here is a family picture of Scarlett and the Mischievous Trios (also a Happy belated Mother's Day)!!!

Scarlett is wearing a new outfit (it's made by Soom, but they took the photos out already so I can't link it). And Raine is wearing an outfit from Little Monica called Purple Flap, it's very detailed and beautiful.

Last photo spam of Scarlett. <3 Welcome back, my Succubus Queen!

Thank you for reading! Till next time! ^-^

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Surprise, welcome LM Elena + CherryDollsBoutique!

Hello, if anyone follows me on Instagram you probably saw this already. However, I would still like to post it here as well. Moving on, I adopted this beautiful girl, Little Monica Elena, who has been on my wishlist for forever from the second-hand market on DoA.

*Doll nudity warning!!!!*

She came with postcards, CoA, face-up, eyes, and a wig.

The reasons why she was so cheap because she was damaged, she has a chipping on her arm. 

She also have some chippings on her face up, mainly her eyeliners and lip color (you can't really noticed it in pictures but in real life it's noticeable).

Nevertheless, she's a gorgeous girl. I'm very glad I was able to adopt her! I've been saving bunch of MSD outfits for when I would finally own a full MSD girl. Although, technically she's not my first MSD that arrived to me... Can anyone take a wild guess what MSD I have? Here is a hint, she's from Fairyland (one of the special head) and I currently have her body on layaway. 

Also, if anyone is wondering this outfit is from Soom Serin & Rico

I still haven't name her, does anyone have a suggestions?

I also would like to make a special shout-out to CherryDollsBoutique on Etsy, she's super nice and her clothes are amazing! I followed her on Instagram and she made this gorgeous "Space Unicorn" corset with fabric glue. However, I wasn't too fond of the fabric glue, so I sent a messaged asking if she could make the same corset but with sewing and to my surprise she agreed and was very fast on working on my commission. I highly recommend her and would definitely buy from her again!

She packaged the corset in a cute polka-dots box. In addition to the corset I also ordered a metallic legging/pants from her. 

Here is the close-up of the corset. This is meant to be for my secret Fairyland girl.

I tired it on Elena and it fits her pretty good, it's such a gorgeous corset!

Thanks for reading, and I'll be post more stuff regarding Scarlett very soon.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Japanese Matsuri BJD Meet Up

Over the weekends, I was able to attended a Japanese Festival held once a year in my city. I had such a wonderful time and ate many Japanese food. Since we were having our local BJD meet up there, I brought Scarlett with me in a little luggage. Also, I forgot to mention that Scarlett finally got her new body. Scarlett is a Soom Breccia Soul Stealer on Fairyland Feeple65 body.

Ramen and Melon Cream Soda was very delicious!

They also have Takoyaki, which were my favorite! I had to wait a little over an hour to get these since they were so popular.. But it's so worth it.

There was a beautiful crane origami display!

There were many vendors selling things. My favorite is the air plant vendor!

They also have Shiba Inu that you can pet too! 

After a while of strolling we had our BJD meet up. I was late to the meet up since I was taking solo pictures of Scarlett at a different location so I did not get as much group pictures. 

On the way back, I saw this scarlet flowers caught in a spider web and I thought it was beautiful.

And the last but not least, I want to share a little photoshoot I did of Scarlett that made me late to the meet up. 

As always thanks for checking my blog and see you next time! ^-^