Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Succubus Queen is back!

I don't think I've ever mentioned it here, but I sent Scarlett to get a new face up. It was a hard decision, even though Scarlett had gotten a face up not too long ago, however, Kai (Studio Darjeeling)  has always been my grail face up artist and she opened up slots for her commission. I took my chances and entered for her face up commission and I was very lucky to get a slot from her.

*This photo does NOT belong to me*

I sent Kai some reference photos of the face up I wanted for Scarlett. It was hard to decid but eventually I went with this purple to brown/reddish tone since I thought that it would make her look more seductive. In addition, I wanted a gold liners with small lace design on top of black liners and pearl powder on the purple eye shadow and lips. I've also asked Kai to paint Scarlett lower lashes very wispy and full and reddish gradient lips. Plus, I had a very specific instruction for her crease lines.

Kai was very responsive to my questions and concerns. She followed my every detailed instructions perfectly and sent me pictures the crucial steps of my commission so I could give her inputs. I have no regret commission her at all and I highly recommend her, she's super sweet.

Here is the box opening of Scarlett's head. Everything was packaged nicely and safely.

She sent me a postcard of Yagi (She is my favorite girl from Kai), candies, and a cute letter!

Here is Scarlett! I could not be happier!!!! She is so gorgeous!  

There is a little gold lace designs on her liners, just like what I wanted. <333  

Here is a family picture of Scarlett and the Mischievous Trios (also a Happy belated Mother's Day)!!!

Scarlett is wearing a new outfit (it's made by Soom, but they took the photos out already so I can't link it). And Raine is wearing an outfit from Little Monica called Purple Flap, it's very detailed and beautiful.

Last photo spam of Scarlett. <3 Welcome back, my Succubus Queen!

Thank you for reading! Till next time! ^-^


  1. That faceup looks gorgeous! I also love the gold detail! That's sooms migma outfit, right? It's sooo epic looking!

    1. Thank you so much!(´∀`)b And I've been trying to find out what Soom dress is this actually. I'm glad you identified it for me (unintentionally).

  2. She looks very gorgeous! A very detailed and beautiful faceup ^-^