Monday, September 19, 2016

Soom FCE R. Breecia/ Sweet Witch body + FL Moonlight outfit (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Hello! I'm super excited for this post. This is going to be my Soom FCE R. Breccia head with Sweet Witch body and parts box opening! I ordered her the same day Soom opened their FCE on June 22nd and she arrived on September 6th. This is definitely the fastest shipping from Soom doll I had so far.

*Doll Nudity Warning*

And now, the box opening! Here is the Soom Super Gem box.

When I opened the box, all the Sweet Witch parts were individually wrapped and no breakage on any parts.  

Here is the normal hands and the normal heeled feet. I personally think the hands are lacking in details.

These are Sweet Witch hands and Sweet Witch high heels parts. I love the Sweet Witch hands, I can't wait to blush it.

Here is Sweet Witch wings and Sweet Witch tail. I love the cute heart shaped tail the most!!

And of course, R. Breccia head! <333 

Soom send out these doll pouch that's very convenient. They protect the dolls very well in my opinion.  

She's free~ I just noticed that she hand that magnetic hands mechanism.

I painted Scarlett's temporary face up at my friend's house. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my soft pastels to her house so I bought a cheapest small set of soft pastels I could find at the craft store near my friend's house. Honestly, I don't really like her face up... Some of the colors are not what I imagined (That's what I get for not stopping when I ran out of natural light sources.. lesson learned). And the gold eyeliners did not show up as vibrant as I wanted it to be. Plus, I think I air blushed her head too much (I was working in low light condition and could not see very well).

Also, Scarlett is supposed to have the red Oscar Eyes, but it's not here yet. And her "original" hair is long black wavy wig from Crobidoll, but I still haven't found a solution to tame that wig. Plus, Scarlett is a succubus demon that can shape-shift her appearances, so she often have different hairstyles and eyes. 

On another note, I tested out Scarlett's posabilities. She can easily touched her head, and she has a wide range of her wrist movements.  

She has the Soom's extra type body. That means she has that extra thigh joints.

Also, this is her back view. Since she has the Sweet Witch body, she has the magnetic wing slots on her back. However, she does not have a tail slot but she does have a very strong magnetic around her tail bone area.  

She can bend back nicely and she keeps her balance very well.

Like most female dolls with "under the busts" chest piece, she can only slouch forward.

And here is a better look at her back notches.

She can easily sit on a chair while holding the crossed-legged position.  

Overall, I think her body is very fun to pose. She is definitely able to pose more easily than my Female Senior Delf Type 3 body.

~*~*~*~*~Next Part~*~*~*~*~

Before I go into details about the dress, I forgot to mention that I ordered six pairs of shoes from Doll Heart a long while back. The brown boots and the oxford shoes are for my SD13/17 boys. The sneakers are for my YOSD teenies. And the three pairs on the right are for my SD13/16 girls. 

And now this is the dress I've been dying for years, the Fairyland Chloe's Moonlight outfit. I can't believe I got a hold of it. It's GORGEOUS!!! The material is this silky soft pink/gold and it's shimmery! I love those dangly beads on the dress.

I was too lazy to put on the stockings on her... But look at those cute shoes!

A full body shot of this beautiful dress! Everything is well made and very detailed. 

A closed-up details of the top piece and her head accessories.

Thank you for reading, I hope you like this post! ^-^ See you next time~

Monday, September 12, 2016

Immortality of Soul 60cm body arrived and BJD clothing gets!

Hello, it has been a while but I was sick so I didn't have the energy to make blog post earlier. There has been a lot of BJD related things that arrived.

First, my IOS 60cm body arrived in August. The body has nice details and the resin is thick and smooth. No ugly noticeable seam line as far as I can see. The body comes in a plain brown box with IOS logo printed on the box. Inside, IOS packaged their dolls in gray styrofoam.

Here is the body with the CoA. I got the body in NS.

I planned to get a Switch Soseo head to put on this body. He will be my OC, Skyler. 

~*~*~*~*~Clothing Gets~*~*~*~*~

Next are the BJD clothes! This is always a fun post for me because I personally love looking at doll clothes. 

Here is all the clothes I got so far from rRabit (I actually made another order with rRabit when they came out with their new varsity jackets since my last post). These are regular cotton collared shirts, from left to right: 70cm, SD13/17, and SD10/13. The yellow shirt has a "Peter Pan" collar unlike the blue ones. 

Next are the chiffon shirts with the bling collars. I had to get all of the colors except white since I like it so much. Gotta love the pastel colors. σ(≧ε≦o)

These skirts are actually my friend's, but unfortunately they don't fit her doll so I offered to buy them from her. I love that shade of blue, very pretty. 

Look at this cute pastel varsity jacket! I love it, now if only Little Monica would open up their tan/brown resin again. I would definitely jumped in and get a "brown" Harmony Sophia since this outfit is actually for her. Along with the new jacket, I got the off-shoulders pink and white stripes sweater. On another note, the frilly short shorts and that white knee highs are actually clothes that I already had, I just thought it would be cute with the new clothes I got. 

I gotta love this galaxy varsity jacket. This is my favorite one from all the varsity jackets that rRabit came out with. I'm quite fond of galaxy related things. And that dark blue pants is for a 70cm. I bought it to try them on Lucien since he doesn't have much clothes. To my surprise it fit him very well... a tad bit loose when he stands up but it's perfect when he's sitting down. And that white undershirt is something I already had.

Next outfit is not from rRabit. It's actually from Sadol, I got it from the DoA marketplace. The red shirt is super nice and silky. It's an SD13, I tried it on SD17 old body from Soom but the shirt and vest fit very tight. However, the pants fit fine... but the jacket was way too small (the arm sleeves are super small).


Thank you for reading! Also, my Soom Sweet Witch body/ Breccia head arrived from Soom. I hope I will be able to make a post about her soon. See you next time~