Sunday, February 22, 2015

Has it really been this long?!

February 11th was Mitsuki's birthday. I can't believe he has been with me for 2 years! I still remember the day he arrived as if it was yesterday. He is precious to me and my first bjd. <3 Mitsuki is a Little Monica Harmony-line Kliff  in white skin (with default face-up and a few changes to fit my OC). He is a lovely boy and I feel very lucky to have him by my side.

Here is the birthday boy! These are all the my favorite collection of Mitsuki's pictures since he has been with me.

This picture was taken in 2014 during Easter.

I took this picture on my phone, so the resolution is crap. @_@ But I like his hat from Tata's Paradise.

2013 is when I bought my Cannon Rebel T3i and I was practicing taking pictures of him.

 Mitsuki's cozy winter outfit~

I used my scarf on this picture, and it turned out very well.

This is the one of the first picture I ever took of him when he arrived back in 2013! <3

Here is a box opening video of him~

~*~*~*~*~ Extras ~*~*~*~*~

A photo-story of Mitsuki's first Christmas! It took a very long time to edit, organize, and draw... But I was VERY happy with the result~

I think spending two days straight cooped up in my room from morning to night was worth it to make this! Whenever I read this, it makes me smile and it cheers me up instantly! <3

Thanks for reading! (^_^)/


  1. Hi there! It's my turn to creep around your blog XD
    Mitsuki is adorable as fudge, and this photo story is so cute! I loved it! Do you add the font/text on a program? And Mitsuki's smile!!! How'd you do that?? O3O
    By the way, I'm Cain XD I never introduced myself cuz I'm such an airhead ~
    If you have WeChat or LINE, we could chat together about BJDs and DmmD! (Mind, there's a timezone difference though =_=;)

    1. Hehe, thanks and I use Photo Shop to edit, add texts, and draw a simile on Mitsuki... it a painstaking task but it's worth it! ;D

      Cain is a nice name, I like it~ You can call me Raine if you want or I can tell you my real name later. I would love to chat with you! Yes, another BJD and Nitro+Chiral lover~ I have LINE and Skype, but I don't have WeChat. Here is my email: so you can send me your user name from LINE and Skype (If you have a Skype) and I can add you. ;3