Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Welcome home, Shiki Kurze!

My Crobidoll Lance (aka: Shiki Kurze) finally arrived home on the 17th of February! Ever since I found out about BJD hobby back in 2009, I've always wanted a Crobidoll Lance (you could say that he's my grail doll). It felt so surreal, and I'm overjoyed to have him join my BJD family! A little bit about Shiki, he's my OC that belongs together with my best friend's Crobidoll Yeon-Ho, Tetsuya. 

Wow, the box is HUGE!!! It's bigger than my Little Monica's Harmony box!


Pretty black box with silver writings!

Look at all the wigs (CRWL: 51, 80, 83, 87, 94 and 10A)!!

Here are the winter event goodies and postcards (I forgot put Roody sleep mask in there too). ^_^

It's a mummy~

And here is his wonderful custom faceup from Crobidoll! I was actually surprised that he came with dark green glass eyes (I thought they only give out acrylic eyes....perhaps they were feeling generous)?!

Gotta love those V-shaped lines on his lower abdomen! Crobidoll R-line has such nice delicate looking body.

He looks so lovely in this wig! The wig is from Crobidoll's CRWL-06 in light black that I got two years ago... Lucky I bought it before they stopped selling this style.

He can use this eyes for now until I get my hands on Milky Eyes no.62 from Enchanted Doll...

His 3/4 profile is gorgeous!

He is all dressed up with clothes I bought from rRabit (my favorite clothes shop for BJDs).

Now let's try on all the new wigs! First up, Crobidoll's CRWL-83 (Light Black). I love this hair style, too bad Crobidoll is going to stop selling this. And Shiki looks beautiful, he would make a lovely girl!

Second is CRWL-80 (Mellow Cream). It's a wonderful color and the wig felt so soft~

Third is CRWL- 94 (Light Black). This is actually Tetsuya's wig. <3

Fourth is CRWL-87 (Light Black). This wig belongs to Mitsuki...It's quite big, hopefully it will fit him with the head cap.

Lastly, CRWL-51 (Milky Blonde). Every Crobidoll Lance I see looks great in blonde hair, including Shiki! It's a cute wig that I can leave on his head for a long period of time. ^-^

I also got another wig called CRWL-10A from Crobidoll, but it's just a regular black fur wig... So I didn't take a picture of it.

I think Shiki and Mitsuki (Little Monica Kliff) will get along quite well together!

Last spam of Shiki (for now)!

Thank you for visiting~ <333


With the permission from my friend here is a picture of Shiki's lover, Tetsuya!! <333

Tetsuya is a Crobidoll Yeon-Ho with default face-up B! Isn't he handsome! My friend also have a blog here too, feel free to check her blog out~

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