Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In These Words Vol.2

My BL books orders came in today from Guilt Pleasure! They are my favorite author/ artist of BL related books. All their works are gorgeous!

The book to the left is a free promotional booklet of ITW doujin anthology about Katsuya Asano's background that GP expect to release this December. I will be definitely buying it once it's out. The book to the right is a prequel of ITW featuring Kenji Shinohara's background. This is also a gift from my dear friend! <3 Lastly, the book in the middle is the second volume of ITW. I have been waiting patiently  for this book since the first edition of ITW vol. 1 came out in 2012!  I was immediately hooked to the story after reading a few pages, GP has done such an amazing job of grabbing their readers' attentions. If anyone is into darker side of BL, this is one of the books you don't want to miss! They also do many fluffy cute (also smutty) prequels of ITW that will leave you grinning and wanting more~ ^_^



  1. Nice introduction~ :33 I've read this series in German and somehow I really like it although I sometimes cringe at some scenes and feel bad for the characters... ^^;; But it's a great manga. :33

    Hmm... maybe I should make short introductions of the manga I buy in my blog too... :)

    1. Their books are so good! It can be really disturbing at times, but it's very interesting. I'm dying to know what happens next! <3

      You should do it! I would love to see them. ^^