Monday, March 30, 2015

Photo shoot I and extras~

I took both of my boys out the other day for a photo shoot~

I really love Mitsuki's new wig, now it doesn't take so much effort to style his hair out of the way so his beauty mark would show. ^_^

On another note, my best friend and her Tetsuya (Shiki's lover) finally created a blog!! Her blog is located HERE! These pictures below belongs to her, she gave me the permission to post them. 

Tetsuya is a bit of a grump and a tsundere! Nevertheless, he is a loving boyfriend to my Shiki. (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

Till next time~


  1. Hiiii! I love your blog! x33 Lovely pictures of your boys (but doesn't Tetsuya get jealous 'cos Shiki is so close to another guy? ;) )
    And Shiki and Tetsuya are so cute together, oh my gosh! <3 <3 <3 Two of my favorite Crobidoll sculpts~

    Haha... I think it's a cool coincidence that your Crobi Lance is called Shiki and guess what I've thought about naming my Lance? - Akira! ^3^

    Can I add a link to your blog to my "Spica reads"-blog roll list in my blog? :33

    1. Haha, Tetsuya doesn't really get jealous because he know that Shiki only have eyes for him...But he does get pouty about not having his lover with him (not that he will ever say so since he is a tsundere). And beside, Mitsuki already have a lover. ;3

      Please do keep the name Akira for your Lance!!! It's perfect~

      And yes, you can add my blog to your "Spica reads". :D