Monday, September 14, 2015

°˖♡ Love Sick ♡˖° Part 1

°˖♡ Love Sick ♡˖° is a collections of photo stories collaboration between my friend and I. Since we live in different states, our boys have long-distance relationship with each other. Shiki lives with me, while Tetsuya (Shiki's lover) lives with my friend.

(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・°˖♡ Love Sick ♡˖°

 Part 2

✧ Tetsuya: NS Crobidoll Yeon-Ho with default face-up B from Crobidoll.

✧ Shiki: NS Crobidoll Lance with custom face-up from Crobidoll.

✧ More information about Tetsuya & Shiki: HERE and HERE.

These pictures belong to my friend, she gave me permission use these pictures on my blog.

°˖♡ Love Sick ♡˖°

A few weeks later~

°˖♡ To Be Continued♡˖°


  1. This was super cute to read! I love when owners appear in photostories, even if it's just a hand :D

    1. Thank you, my friend made them! I love looking at photo stories too! Do you have any of yours? And part 2 of °˖♡ Love Sick ♡˖° will be out soon, I'm still editing a few things on it.

    2. I'm not good at photostories, but I can say I have seriously tried. Maybe I should :D!!

    3. You should I would love to read it! I added you on my reading list... however, it's not showing on my blog... I don't know why? Your Soom Dia is so gorgeous and you have a wonderful photography skills! I also have a male Dia in NS... but he has no face up yet... He is on my BJD Crew tab.

    4. Oh thanks for adding me! Maybe it won't show until I post something new? who knows xD I'm such a newbie
      Hope your Dia gets a face up soon, I just love that sculpt so much :D!!! and I want to see yours!
      Thansk for the compliments :)
      Do you have a banner so I can link you as well? I couldn't find any. In case you don't have maybe I could do one? as long as you give me permission to take one of your photos for it of course

    5. Since your blog didn't show on my reading list, I added you in the banner at the bottom of my home page... I'm quite new to blogging so I hope I did it right... As soon as I get enough funds I want to send my Dia and my layaway doll off to a face up artist. ^-^ I'm still thinking of the face up idea. Do you paint your own dolls' face ups? I don't have any banner but I want to try to one (it sounds fun) and send it to you. I'll use the email on you Link Exchange tab. What size do I make it?

    6. Thanks! I'm not sure why it doesn't show int he reading list, but the banner at the bottom works :)
      Banners are 200x65 pixels.
      My SOOM Dia and my Peak's Woods Lady Alice have default face up from their companies, but all the other dolls are painted by me :) I'm super new to face ups though

    7. You're good at face-ups, the lashes and creases look smooth!
      (ᅌᴗᅌ* ) I painted my Switchdoll Huisa head and Doll Family-A Yanji head, but I can't get the nice smooth eye crease lines and smooth lower eyelashes.... (´;д;`) Do you have advise for that? What kind of acrylic paint/brush is the best or how do you dilute the paint to have a smooth consistency? Btw, I sent the banner to your mail. Thanks!

    8. Thanks! I'm still struggling to do fine lines hehe, but besides using a thin brush, I've learned that the consistency of the paint is one of the most importants things!! you have to really dilute the acrylics for a fine and clear line. This is the video that helped me with that:
      I'm not using any expensive or well known brand of acrylics so I can't re commend on that, but check the video and hopefully it will help you as much as it did me!

    9. Wow, thank you so much! It was a very helpful video!!
      (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚* I want to try using this technique and see how it goes.

    10. Also, I showed my friend (the one who took the pictures) this and she said thank you very much! ❤

    11. no prob!! I'm glad you two found it helpful :D