Saturday, October 3, 2015

I need to stop... ƈ ͡ (ुŏ̥̥̥̥ ‸ ŏ̥̥̥̥) ु

I swear, once you get into a layaway deal it's like an on-going curse !!! It started out with Soom Dia, then it was Day Dream Lance Ver 2 head, after that was those mischievous Soom Cheshire Jr., and now it's this little fur ball of doom, Soom Lilid. Layaway and DoA market place are scary... I really need to stay away. Other than buying bodies for my floating heads (especially for Lucien), no more unplanned dolls for me I hope.... Unless Soom release a tan romantic Bygg in human version or a tan romantic Glot.

All of these pictures belong to Soom Doll, they are NOT mine!!!

To the story with this little cutie, after I paid my Soom Cheshire Jr. off I browsed through new posts tab on DoA and the title of "$200 - Soom Teenie Gem LILID Mountain Elf full doll (White)" caught my eyes and I checked it out. I was very surprised by the super low price for Soom Lilid the mountain lion ver.... this price is a steal, it includes domestic shipping too and offers a short layaway.
 ━Σ(゚Д゚|||) I sent her PM immediately, and sent her the deposit to secure this darling on the same day I paid off my Cheshire. Now, I can pay off all my layaway this week so I'm trying to get a hold of her right now to let her know I'll be paying off the rest of my balance early.

She'll come with mountain lion head, mountain lion body, mountain lion parts, both the standard hands and cute hands, magnets, and CoA.

She'll be in cream white.

Aren't they cute? The brown haired one is Rru, a boy version of Lilid.

Here is the adorable mountain lion head with cute hands. (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

I really do have a weak spot for sculpts with cute fangs. I want to name her Anri~ 

Even though it's cute but I'm not much into centaur... Or in this case, cataur. So I'll probably sell or trade off the TG mountain lion body for a TG human body. But I want to keep those ears. So, if anyone is interested in mountain lion body, leave me a message. Still don't know how much I'll sell the body for, feel free to give me an offer once I have her (in a week or two, I'll do an update again). And now that I have the fantasy head Lilid, I might be incline to sell human head Cheshire Jr... Still unsure

~*~*~*~*~ Extras ~*~*~*~*~

Here is the plan for these Teenie Gems, they are going to be Scarlet's children. I plan for Scarlet and Arvid (still don't know his actual name, but he's going to be an Iplehouse Arvid... He is Scarlet's mate, and he is a powerful ice demon) to have three children, unless Soom comes out with more cuties that I can't resist.

These three are known as the mischievous trio... mostly due to Raine and Anri. I plan for Raine to be the eldest. Anri is the middle child. And Alvero (my best friend named him) is the youngest. I might make Raine and Anri a fraternal twins. Some of the plans I have for them might change, but here are some information on them.  ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Raine (Soom Cheshire jr. surprise head) inherited Scarlet's power to change his/her own sex at will, and as well as some of Scarlet's incubus/succubus powers. Raine is the mastermind behind all the mischievous plans. He/she is smart but doesn't always utilize it in a good way. Raine is clever, adventurous, and crafty. 

Anri (Soom Lilid mountain lion head) inherited Arvid's ice power and Scarlet's persuasive personality. She may look innocent, but she's as bad a Raine (in mischievousness). She is manipulative, sly, and playful. She uses her sweet shy looks to get out of trouble. It works well on her parents... but it doesn't mean she's completely out of trouble. She just doesn't get punished as much as Raine.

Alvero (If Soom ever come out with a human tan romantic Bygg) inherited both of his parents' calm personality and Arvid's strength. He can use some of Scarlet's 'mind control' power to a certain extent (though in this aspect, Raine's incubus/succubus power is stronger). Even though Alvero is the youngest he is the most responsible out of the three. Scarlet and Arvid can always count on him to watch over his siblings. He is protective, cool, and loving. He is also a big "Mama's boy".

Thanks for reading as always, see you next update~


  1. Great deal on that soomling! I never seem to find the good deals, but I don't check that often so I deserve it XD
    She's a cuite *u* maybe you will like the cataur body. They are harder to string but they look pretty :D (I have the deertaur body hehe)
    and congrats on finishing your layaways!

    Your drawings are so pretty, thanks for including their stories as well!

    1. Thank you~ I'm glad I finally paid off all my layaways... And I hope to keep it that way for a long while (I don't want anymore unplanned doll this year). Good news is that Anri will come home this coming Monday! She stole Raine's (look at the post before this if you don't know about Raine) spot of being my first YOSD. Cataur body just doesn't fit the plan I had for her character... so I'm not sure. I love to draw ;D , and I'm glad you enjoyed their little stories/info.

  2. I love your plans for the triplets and that drawing~ <3 Also I really like their names. :33 Is there a connection in Raine's name and your internet nickname, NyteRaine?

    I think it's interesting that Raine can change his/her gender! It'll allow you to take such versatile photos of him in different clothes! Hopefully he'll come home to you soon!

    I second you about wanting a tan romantic Bygg! x3 But I want a tan unicorn boy~

    1. Thank you! My little mischievous trio are going to be a fun project for me! Haha, the name 'Raine' did come from my NyteRaine. I was looking for a name for him/her but couldn't think of any that I like. So I figured that I could use my internet name!

      I can't wait for him/her to be home! (´ ▽`).。o♡ I really like versatile sculpts in general... I love seeing how each own interpret their own ideas into those sculpts.

      I hope Soom release both tan unicorn and tan human versions of the Bygg then~ o3o