Friday, October 23, 2015

Tag~ Now, you're it! ;D

I saw this from Spica ages ago and finally did it (after like 5 months)... and I still want to do the one that she tagged me on too.

- What got you into the doll/figure/toy/*insert your hobby here* hobby?
For BJD, my mom stumbled upon BJD pictures while she was reading a cooking diary blog, and she showed it to me and I was instantly hooked! I actually never thought I would be able to own them due to the price, but I can be quite ambitious once I have my mind set on certain things. As I grew older, my love for BJD only increased... And when I found out my best friend was also into the hobby, there was no way I'm not getting at least one with her! 

I also collect nendoroids and one coin figures. From a very young age I was exposed to a lot of Japanese pop culture since it was a big thing when I used to live in Thailand, I grew up reading manga and watching anime shows. I remember my mom buying me those cheap knock-off figure key chains of Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, Pokemon, and bunch of other anime shows. I guess the figure collecting hobby evolved and got stuck with me.

My first BJD, Little Monica Kliff, Mitsuki ❤

- Do you ever regret getting into the hobby or have you thought of quitting? Why/Why not?
Hmmm, not really (so far). I've always been an imaginative child and loved to create characters and stories about them. Being able to bring my OCs to "life" in BJD form is very dear to me. Plus, I get very sentimental and attached to things once I have them for a while.

My Crobidoll Lance, Shiki ❤

- If you had to choose only one type of dolls/figures/toys/*insert things you collect here* to collect, what would you choose and why?
If I had to choose, it would be BJD hobby. I'm too invested (both money and emotion) on this hobby to let it go any time soon. Plus, I've always been the type that doesn't lose interest easily once I'm into it.

- If you could create any kind of game, what kind of a game would it be?
Hands down, role playing style! And visual novel can be a possibility~

- Tell us a little about one of your favorite fictive characters and why do you love them so much?
Hmmm, this is a hard question for me... Ummm Levi from SnK is what I can think of currently. I guess what I really like about him is his personality. He is very rough and harsh on the outside, but deep down he cares for others, and you gotta love his sassy streaks and potty mouth~ Plus, we share the same birthday and we're almost the same height... Levi is slightly taller than me by a little over 2 inches. And one of the biggest thing I love about him is that he's a clean freak! My family and friends also calls me a clean freak.... I'm constantly cleaning my room and spraying Lysol everywhere, hehe. And whenever I see a hand sanitizer, I have to use it even though my hands are "clean". I guess, I do have a bit of an OCD tendency, there are times when I wash my hands too much they starts to crack and bleed... though I've have gotten better now. 

- Do you draw? If yes, what is your favorite thing to draw? If not, when did you stop and why?
Yes, Yes, and YES~ I absolutely love drawing! My favorite thing to draw is people/ characters. Though my drawing style always changes back and forth. In addition to drawing, I also paint with acrylics. But whenever I paint it's mostly scenery/ flowers. 

I draw cute little chibis (Tetsuya x Shiki)~  (´∀`)♡

And yes, I'm guilty of drawing naughty things too... >///< Lucien x Mitsuki (a little surprise for Orion+Cain)

A gift I painted for my "host" mom~

My friend requested a painting from me of the ocean for her birthday gift.

My personal favorite... Also for my "host" mom... I actually wanted to keep this... Lol!

Just like what Spica did, I'll make my own six questions for the people that I tagged~

- Introduce us one of your OC that you want to shell as a BJD or have as a BJD, and what are their likes and dislikes?

- Do you have a favorite sculpt? And what do you like about that sculpt?

- How many BJDs do you have or planned on having? What sculpt are they?

- Which is the most important to you for your doll: wig, clothes, eyes, face-up, or shoes? And why?

- Do your friends/ family know about your BJD hobby? Are they supportive of your BJD hobby?

- Do you have any other hobby?

Now, I would like to tag... (●´∀`●)
❤ Mio
❤ And anyone else who wants to do this~


    Hot stuff going on up there... This just proves my shameless love for BL... XD
    I love the illustration! It's amazing~

    1. Hehe, thank you~ Lol, but I didn't finished drawing it since I kinda got embarrassed by it... For now. \(//∇//)\

  2. Your art is so amazing, have you ever considered drawing a comic?
    I adore your painting of the yinyang (?) fish~
    This tag was fun to read! :D

    1. Thank you! I've thought of it but I tend to have this love-hate relationship with my drawings. Maybe when I actually learn how to draw good backgrounds, then I'll try making a comic. The YinYang Koi fish is my favorite one too, I'm glad you like it as well! ^-^

  3. Thank you for tagging me >< It's an honor! (and also my first time at things like these ehe). I think your love for Levi is endearing ;o; What did you feel when IoS released the Levi BJD? *snorts* The cleaning version of it is so cute, but I'm just too broke to be able to afford it (not to mention my love for SnK died down after the anime ended, sadly ;; )

    1. You're welcome and get well soon! When IOS released him it was Christmas day (also my B-day), I was very surprised! However for some reasons, character dolls doesn't do it for me (I'd rather own nendoroid/ figma of him instead BJD of him). Never the less, he's a lovely doll... But that price tag though. </3

    2. Thank you ToT. I actually only heard about them making dolls for Kuroshitsuji, and I saw that they've made Levi a while ago o__o. I totally understand you with character dolls! There's not much you can do with them? And I'd feel awful just displaying a 1k dollar doll than play with it ×__×, so figures all the way!

      (But I'm absolutely so sad I can't buy the Black Jack Super Dollfie, that man is my anime dad...)

  4. Loved the tag and the photos, you are truly talented, loved your drawings :D
    Also is that you in the picture? so pretty *u*

    I really liked to read this!

    1. Thank you so much for all the compliments~ (*/ω\*) You're welcome to do the tag as well (since you know lots of people I wasn't sure if you were tagged already before). And yes, that's me when I had longer hair. ;D

    2. I have memories of coming up with questions after answering some from Musume that tagged me (She's the master of tags XD), but I don't remeber if it was on tumblr or flickr or somewhere lol I'm assuming it's the same tag but I'm not too sure x.x!! I have to find it somewhere :o!

  5. Aw, love this!
    Your artwork is fantastic as well - I especially love the koi! : )

  6. Yay! Thank you for answering~ ^3^ It was so much fun to read your answers. That picture with you holding Mitsuki is so nice, you look genuinely happy to have him! :)
    How fun that you can share the BJD hobby with your best friend... I'm hoping I could get my best friend into BJDs too but it seems like a lost battle. She's a very practical person and just isn't into collecting "useless" things... It would be so much more special to share the hobby with someone special. I do have friends in the BJD hobby but it'd be different if my *best* friend was into it too.

    Your drawings are awesome and wow you paint too! I haven't touched acrylics in ages but I used to love painting with them back in highschool... I think I should try my hand at them again.
    All of your paintings are beautiful but I have to say that yin-yang wish piece is my favorite too! I can see why you wanted to keep it. ;)

    Haha, that was interesting to read about Levi and you! Wow you have the same birthday! I love coincidences like this! :) I always feel happy when a person talks about their favorite characters and what makes them relate with those characters so much. I wanna answer to your questions too! :D

    1. It's definitely better to be able to share this hobby with someone special! my other best friend loves anime/manga and all of Japan's culture too, but she doesn't find this hobby interesting. It's such a pity that I can't talk about it with her.... Well I'm glad at least one of my best friends share this hobby with me too.

      Hehe, the YinYang Fish seems to be popular with everyone... I was going to make another one for myself but I feel like it would ruin the "uniqueness" to it so I didn't. You should paint acrylics again! It would be fun (but messy though)~

      I happy you find the part about Levi and I interesting! Also, it would be awesome if you did the questions too, so that means I can re-tag you? ;D

  7. *wish = fish. Damn auto correction! :*D