Monday, October 26, 2015

First BJD Meetup! (❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*

On Saturday, I went to my first doll meetup! My friend and I arrived early, but it seems like we were already running out of spaces to put our dolls... But lucky for us early birds, we were able to squeezed our dolls on the couches!

The rest of the owners had to sit their dolls on the edges of the counter top.

Before I went to the meet, I got a little surprise in the mail~ The Luts Pink Bunny set arrived just in time, and of course I had to dressed Scarlet in their new outfit! These are pictures from my phone so it's a crappy quality and I was in a rush to get dressed to go to the meet. I'm in love with this outfit all over again, it's very detailed and that cute bunny ears... (´ ▽`).。o♡

Back to the meet, Mitsuki, Shiki and Scarlet accompanied me to the meet. Here are some pictures of the dolls~ Also, the host of the party is a wonderful owner of many Switch Doll boys, and if you've seen my wishlist...Switch Soseo is in there, I love his lips so much! Anyway, she has 2 Soseo (one is a floating head that she's selling; one day you'll be mine), 1 Seowo (other that the scarred eye, I think Seowo and Soseo are the same; correct me if I'm wrong) 1 Sohwa, 1 mocha Waseon, and other dolls from different companies.

Mitsuki was dressed in a Gothic/Kodona style~ He had a little crow perched up on his shoulder to complete his looks.

Shiki was an adorable sailor kitty~ Also, I finally figured out why Shiki was so floppy. It's because the elastic Crobidoll used to string him, no wonder all past 5 times I've restrung him didn't help! Now I used my spare ones from Little Monica and Shiki isn't floppy anymore (no more trying to face plant the ground)~ 

Lesson learned: do not use Crobidoll's elastic unless you want a floppy doll! 

Scarlet, of course was a sexy pink bunny~

This is my friend's Iplehouse Vera, Angeline. Shiki let her borrowed his flower crown that Penelo made him! <3

Here is Switch Soseo, he's such a heart-breaker with that handsome face of his. ヽ(;▽;)ノ

This is Switch Sohwa in his gladiator costume!

Here is Switch Seowo sitting next to Mitsuki~ <333

Switch mocha Waseon, he has such a lovely skin... But the picture don't do justice.

Soom Dia.... Just kidding, he's actually Soom Sard, could you tell? ☆~(ゝ。∂)

These two are adorable, I love the hat and the horns!

The little girl on the left is LittleFee Leah, and I'm not sure about the other one.

This girl is a Supia Doll, if I remember correctly.

Soom Gluino, he's huge, almost half my height! 

I think the owner said the one of the left is Migi Doll Yujin (not sure), but the one to the right is Doll Zone Floy.

Asleep Ediolon Lorelei, I've always wanted to see a mermaid doll in person!

Soom Breccia is gorgeous! I love her lips so much, I wish I could've gotten Soom Breccia Soul Stealer... 

This lovely lady is an Iplehouse Cocori if I'm not mistaken.

Aren't these two cute~

I spotted a Soom Ai in the black long sleeves!

Luts Cherry Forgotten Story with her lovely wings!

Iplehouse Bliss as Maleficent! 

Resinsoul Mei with her new wig and dress her owner bought from my friend!

A cute little pumpkin girl... I'm not sure what sculpt is this but I think she's from Volks?

The ladies (plus Scarlet)~ (★^O^★)

Asleep Ediolon Lorelei: Draw me like one of your French girls!

I got a Halloween goodies from the meet up!

I had such a fantastic day, I'm looking forward to going to the next meetup~ Also, the host of this meet has a beautiful backyard that I took advantage of! I'll be posting those pictures later once I edited them.

See you next time~


  1. Looks like you had great time at the meet up ^^ Lots of gorgeous dolls~

    1. I did, and I'm hoping I can go to the next meetup too! :D

  2. The girl next to the LTF Leah is a Dreamofdoll... E-an I believe x3 Ohh and a Supia Rosy!
    It seems like a fun halloween-theme meetup!

    I also adore the Soseo sculpts and have evil plans to get myself a tan skin version ToT I think he's their best sculpt yet!

    1. Oh, I see thanks for the info.

      One day Soseo will be mine~ Tan Soseo is gorgeous too! ( ̄¬ ̄)

  3. Irene was faster than me to say about the Dream of Doll girl and the Supia Rosy haha XD

    I'm glad you had such a great time, it looks like a very organized meet, which is awesome :D!!! All those switch guys are so gorgeous, their face ups are very beatiful :D

    And Scarlet looks stunning with the pink bunny outfit~

    1. Thank you! I was able to hold her Switch boys at the meet, it was awesome!

      I love Scarlet's bunny outfit very much, they got many compliments from other doll owners at the meet too~ (●´∀`●)

  4. Everyone's dolls are lovely ♡♡♡ and it's nice to hear that everything was a blast for you! And yessss the Bunny set is finally with you! They're so cute, I'm actually starting to get jealous LOL... (;へ:), Scarlet looks gorgeous in it! *casually touches their legs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

    1. Thank you! I hope you can go to a meetup too~ If I find another Pink Rabbit set in MP I'll let you know so you can get one too. ;D
      Lol, I find myself casually touching Scarlet's legs while I admire them too. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b

  5. Wow looks like a fun meet-up! I'm so happy for you that you could attend it~ :)

    The Switch dolls and that Luts Cherry with wings caught my eye. I'd really like to get a Switch boy with full lips some day... and Luts Forgotten Story Bory with those wings would be so awesome... I'd love to have an angel doll like that.

    Haha, how adorable that you got some special treats from the meet-up too! :) That coffin-shaped box is so cute. x)

    1. Switch boys are gorgeous, I love their anesthetics. Soseo and Uhui:R will be mine one day! ;w;