Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Happy Belated Valentine's Day! ❤

I was going to make a post on Valentine's Day but I was really sick with the flu. Today, I'm feeling a lot better so I wanted to get these pictures posted here before I get too tired. Anyway, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! This is Mitsuki and his lover, Lucien.

Lucien is borrowing Vincent's body. He is in his temporary wig until I can get my hands on the angora wig.

And yes, after having Lucien (Doll Clans Kien) for 3 years, I finally gave him a face up! I messed up here and there but I'll redo his face up later. This is before I glossed him.

Isn't he handsome? Loving him in the suit~

I hope I get better soon, I have quite a few items that arrived a week ago that I wanted to do a post on. 

See you next time!


  1. Late Happy V-day and I hope you're feeling better!!

    DC boys are so handsome, and any boy is even more handsome in a suit I'd say! :D :D I also like boys with strong eye brows :O

  2. Yay Lucien has a face~ love dollclans :D!

    Happy late vday for you too! Love the photos!

  3. Happy belated Valentine's Day! Oooh, Lucien is sooo handsome and that face up looks really good on him! Makes him look very adult-like which is nice! I especially love the shape if his eyebrows. :)

    Ohhh you had the flu too? It seems I've also fallen ill with it. -__-;; Today seems to be the worst day of this illness yet, I have energy to do little more than lay down, warch TV and surf the web w my phone...But these pics brightened my day a little! :3