Monday, March 14, 2016

February Arrivals (Oscar Eyes, BJD clothes, Lucien's body, and figures)!

I was supposed to post this weeks ago but I got lazy. @.@

This is basically all my hobby related items that arrived last month.

First of all my Oscar Eyes finally arrived! Peak's Woods was a little late with my order, but it was definitely worth the wait. They also sent me gorgeous postcards

Dlignt Pink in14mm

Little Muse in 14mm

Blue Holic in 14mm

Loli Clown in 16mm; this one turned out to be my favorite. Originally, I wasn't going to buy this, I'm glad I did. 

Raine is wearing the Dlignt Pink.

Anri is wearing the Little Muse

Mitsuki is wearing Blue Holic.

And Scarlet is wearing the Loli Clown.

I'm officially addicted to the Oscar Eyes. They're more sparkly and stunning in real life, too bad my camera was unable to capture how gorgeous they truly are.

Next up, BJD clothes because my YOSDs definitely need more clothes.

I finally have proper pants/ shorts for Raine. And I couldn't help but buy the Alice in Wonderland style dress for Anri too. All these YOSD clothes were second hand made by Doll Heart.

I found this Doll Heart shoes on eBay for quite cheap so I couldn't pass it up... It's a MSD size though. I don't have any MSD but I've been planning to get one one for quite long now.

Raine in the new clothes~

Anri looks so adorable~

This is also from Doll Heart, the seller from Facebook was selling it for $12 each so I grabbed both. They're size SD 17.

Next, Lucien finally have a body!!! It's a 2010-2011 Spiritdoll Proud body ver. 2, a 70cm. The body was quite dirty with staining here and there. I was able to remove about 98% of the stains with a little bit of elbow grease.

Here is the squeaky clean! I love the details of the body... Just a random FYI, Spiritdoll body has a butt hole. At first I thought it was some sort of strange chipping, lmao.  XDDD 

Also, the resin match between the my 2013 Doll Clans head and 2010-2011 Spiritdoll Proud body was quite nice. The body is just slightly more yellow, almost unnoticeable.

Here is a height comparison of my crew. Raine has the MSD Doll Heart heels on and Scarlet has her heel feet on. Poor Shiki is so short compared to everyone. Left to Right: Raine, Anri, Lucien, Vincent, Scarlet, Mitsuki, and Shiki.

SDs line up. Left to Right: Lucien, Vincent, Scarlet, Mitsuki, and Shiki.

Lucien in new clothes. It doesn't actually fit him that well, I can't really button  the vest... It was meant for Vincent anyway. Also, none of my SD pants fit him so I just wrapped Mitsuki's scarf to make it look like he's wearing shorts shorts, lol. I'll get him some pants soon.

Next, Koujaku nendoroid finally arrived safely. I ordered him from AmiAmi.

And of course they sent me a little postcard. This time is Amico wearing a beautiful red kimono with camellia flowers. I'll write a review of Koujaku later, maybe on my next post.

And last but not least, my one coin Akira uniform version arrived too!

Akira's hat is removeable, but his head isn't... he's still super cute though. <3


  1. The eyes are all so gorgeous :O and DollHeart makes the most nicely detailed clothes I think~~

    LOL @ spiritdoll's detailed body parts.. XD so wonderful!

    Congrats on all your new arrivals!

  2. Lucien claimed a body yay!!! He looks fantastic, except for the lack of pants XD!!! But it looks like He was partying all night and suddenly woke up like that XD

    The eyes are GORGEOUS *u* and they look great on your dolls~

    Congrats! you have so many arrivals, must be fun!

  3. Those Oscar eyes are so pretty *o* So much sparkle~ ♥ I also love the Dollheart sets and those shoes... Looks like you had a great month of arrivals ^^

  4. I love your BJD, always have very well dressed (beautiful sets your shopping, I also want XD), must be great to photograph all * ^ * Latest photos have liked it, where they appear all, it's great to have several BJD different size, I only have one of each XD (two MSD, s) size.
    I enjoy seeing your posts, I'm looking forward to see more ^^