Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Birthday, Mitsuki!

February 11th is Mitsuki's birthday! He has been with me for 3 years now. To celebrate this day, I took some pictures of the Birthday Boy. Doesn't he look good in the new grey wig! <333

And here are some of my personal favorites of Mitsuki in 2015.

I've been super busy lately that's why it's so short but thanks for reading. See you next time~


  1. He looks very good in any of these stylings ^-^ Although the eyepatch one might be my personal favourite.

  2. Wow~ the gray wig is my fav! It suits Mitsuki's skintone very well :3

    I also like the eye patch style x3

  3. Happy bday to Mitsuki!!! He looks amazing with the grey wig, loved allthe photos :D!!!

    Faolan bday is today, so He only has a day of difference with mitsuki, though Faolan just turned 1 year haha :D

    I love hiw flower crown *_*

  4. Happy birthday Mitsuki and happy belated Valentine's Day to you! ^_^ <3
    I love the flower-crown pics and that eyepatch-look on Mitsuki!