Sunday, December 6, 2015

November Loots~

My Doll Clans order arrived on November 13th. Their shipping box was quite cute, and everything was meticulously packed. 

And this is the freebie I got from Doll Clans Halloween event, a little sticker set of Vezeto. And it turned out that the mystery character was Koyote. I don't think I'll ever play with these stickers since I don't want to ruin them but they're cute to look at.

I didn't noticed until now, but the accessories sticker above Vazeto is upside down.

As I mentioned before, I bought a black headphone with spike horns called Passion in Devil. And other item I bought was the dark grey demon horns. The horns are for Scarlet, it weights lighter than I expected.  

I can't find where I put my super glue... So Scarlet couldn't try on the horns yet.

Here is Scarlet with the headphone!

Next is my rRabit order. These are all the items I got minus one item I got my friend. I added those brown oxford shoes went they brought them back since they were sold out before. They've been on my wishlist since I saw their first preorder a while back. 

The ruffles top are very cute. When I put them on Scarlet I had to kinda forced it on them due to their sizable chest. In conclusion, it's a tight fit on Senior Delf Female Type 3 body so the top fits better on smaller bust dolls. 

Next item is the wine pleaded skirt. It has a lovely color like the picture. It also has a corset on the back so you can adjust the skirt to your doll's measurement. 

Here's the devil tail panty. Cute but the tail is a bit hard to bend if I'm not careful I feel like I might poke the wire through the material.

And my favorite, the brown oxford shoes. It's super detailed and it fits my boys perfectly. I'm glad I was able to get it. 

Lastly, I never mention it here... But I gave into Scarlet's persuasion and got Raine and Anri some urethane eyes from Sadol Doll. I bought the SE-01 and SE-09.

These are SE-01. 

These are SE-09.

See you next time~


  1. Aaa so much cool stuff! O__O <3
    Those headphones are super awesome!! Scarlet looks like a cyberdevil wearing them!

    The clothes are really pretty, but I have to admit that the Oxford shoes are my favorite from this loot too! :) I've always been more of a fan of the masculine dressing style...

    Lovely urethanes, I'm sure Raine and Anri will be happy to have good quality eyes like these! :)

    1. Thank you! I glad I got those shoes~

      I really like the Sadol eyes, however, the Oscar eyes have been tempting me for a very long time... I just might have to get them.

  2. Your loot is great!! I love the eyes, the colors are very unique!!! and those headphones are so cool!!! :D
    I need to order from rrabit someday, they have really nice clothes!

  3. All your stuffs looks great! I'm a big fan of those multi-color eyes and the ones you got are so pretty!

    1. Thank you, and I like the multi-color eyes too~

  4. Awesome stuff :D Love your Sadoll loot especially~