Monday, July 25, 2016

Koujaku & Clear Nendoroids!

I got Koujaku Nendoroid for a long while now and I forgot to upload a mini review on him, but I just got my Clear Nendoroid a week ago so I thought this was a perfect chance to write a review on both of them.

First up is Koujaku, his pictures were taken with my old point-shoot camera so the quality is horrible! He come with Beni, his allmate. I'm quite impressed with him since he has a lot of details put on him from his little choker to his sword. He also has a nice background too! ^-^

He comes with three face plates, and you can see tattoos on all of them. 

Here is a close up of his tattoo.

Here is one of the pose that he can do. 

Awww, his embarrassed face.

And the kind smile~

He comes with holding hand parts. I love his pose cause they're too cute (even though Koujaku is not my favorite pairing with Aoba)!!!  

Next up, Clear! I took his pictures with my DSLR so the quality is way better~
He comes with his trademark umbrella. When the first teaser of him was out I was hoping he comes with his signature little jellyfish plushie figure since he doesn't have an allmate.

Better picture of his umbrella.

The second face plate, I personally think he looks very adorable with his face plate. He also have hand parts that is used to hold his gas mask.

He also have additional gas mask face plate.

Look at his adorable smile!!! When I think of Clear the naked apron scene pops up in my head. That was one of my favorite scene in his route. 

His background.

Lots ocean related items like the "Bindama". I personally think his background looks very warm and cozy.


Here is the whole crew so far.

And the allmates + Clear's gas mask. 


  1. All your nendos are so cute and detailed! I like their tiny companions, they're so adorable @o@

  2. Pretty nendos!!! love the one where they hold hands!!

    1. That's my favorite pose! They're just too cute. ^^

  3. Loving the group shot! ^-^ It looks amazing when all the nendos of the same series are together

  4. DMMd Nendos are all adorable! I hope they'll continue the line... I just picked up my Clear Nendos from the post-office today! :3
    I bought an extra-Aoba so now I have three Aobas... one for each! XDDD