Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dolly Gets .+:。(ノ・ω・)ノ゙


I don't think I've made a blog post about my incoming dolls that I ordered a few months ago yet. Anyway, remember when IOS doll had that Anniversary event? I decided to take advantage of the event and grab myself a 60cm body in NS. This body will be for my OC, Skyler (aka: Skye). His sculpt will be Switch doll Soseo since I've been drooling over him for years and plus Soseo looks great in suits (I blame this on Freedom Teller... their Soseo looks amazing).

Also, Switch doll recently just released a preview of Soseo: Holy version and I can't decide if I like the original Soseo better or the Holy version, so please give me some input about the Soseo!!! 

These two pictures belongs to Immortality of Soul, they're NOT mine!!!

The next dolly gets is going to be from Peak's Woods. And yes, my little Soom Teenie Gems need their baby brother to be home so they can complete their infamous trio. My best friend got the honor to name Scarlett's youngest child, Alvero. His sculpt is FOF The Missing Pilot in suntanned with the Star Prince's face up. The reason I bought this sculpt was because he reminds me of Soom Bygg/Beyla. And if you remember my post about the Mischievous Trio, I wanted Scarlett third child to be a Soom romantic Bygg/Beyla in tawny (no fantasy parts)... Which is very unlikely to come anytime soon and I really doubt they would do the exact combination that I wanted. Even if Scarlett's third child is not a Soom Bygg/Beyla I'm still excited about PW's the Missing Pilot because he has that cool look and a slight pout to him. ^-^

The Missing Pilot is the one in brown wig, and the Star Prince is in blond wig.

These two pictures belongs to Peak's Woods, they're NOT mine!!!

This is my first time ordering a doll from Peak's Woods but WOW their staffs are very kind and their layaway system is amazing. As you can tell, I put Alvero on layaway and I paid him off early on June 3rd... I think he'll be coming home around September.

And lastly, I was tempted into ordering from Soom again! When Soom announced their FCE of Female Super Gem I knew I was doomed. I've always loved the Breccia's sculpt and when the Soom announced Breccia Soul Stealer she was perfect, however, I couldn't afford her at the time. After thinking that I would never be able to get her, then Soom suddenly announced their FCE of Female Super Gem and Breccia Soul Stealer was in the option. It was a good timing since I had money saved up just for the sake of saving. So I ordered Soom Breccia Soul Stealer head with Soom Sweet Witch body/parts in NS. 

This is what she'll come with:

-Romantic Breccia head
-Sweet Witch body (extra type)
-Heel feet
-High heel feet
-Sweet Witch resin high heels
-Sweet Witch wings
-Sweet Witch hands
-Sweet Witch tail

These two pictures belongs to Soom Doll, they're NOT mine!!!

Also, I bought her because I wanted to reshell Scarlett since Breccia Soul Stealer was originally the sculpt I wanted for Scarlett. Now I have to figure out what I want to do with my Day Dream Lance ver.2... For sure I'm not willing to sell them. I'll just have to figure a character and name for them. 

Thanks for reading as always, see you next time!! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧


  1. Oh I hope you get your Breccia soon, she is such a gorgeous sculpt! :3 And I can definitely see that Missing Pilot resembling Bygg, like a PW version of the doll. I'm still holding out for the tan Bygg from Soom though. I'd also prefer the romantic head, but without any fantasy parts :D

    1. Thank you, I'm very excited for Breccia as well. And I think Soom will ship her out around September since they usually take 4 months to make their dolls. If Soom came out with the tan Bygg/Beyla, I would love to see what you do with them. ^^

  2. Ohh, the Soseo holy version is so sexy, but personally I think the standard version is a bit more versatile! :O
    Congrats on the order from PW, their customer service overwhelms me every time as well, they're just so warm and kind!
    Also, vampy!Breccia was soooo tempting for me as well, so I am so happy to see someone around the blogospere order her :D congrats and can't wait to see her!

    1. Look like I'm going to go with the standard version of Soseo since he looks older and it fits my character more.

      And I'll be sure to to definitely share her with you!! ^-^

  3. I love sweet witch and breccia so much, what a perfect combination you went for in that fce!!!
    I also love your new PW tiny, you know how I love this company, they are always so sweet!!!
    Same as irene, I rpefer the classic Soseo a bit more hehe~
    Hope dolls start arriving soon :D!! I finished my box openinf spam, so I need others to keep the spam going XD

    1. I was very happy when that combination was offered in Soom's FCE. Even before I found out, I always thought that the Breecia with Sweet Witch part would be awesome. I'm very excited to get her.

      And I definitely share Alvero with you when he comes home. ^-^

  4. Oh my goodness I adore that Missing Pilot! Can't wait for you to have him home!!! *3* I've been considering to get one PeaksWoods tiny myself, just haven't got around doing it yet.